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Store Hero is an SMS-based virtual coach that helps you grow your retail business

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This is Store Hero

My store is near a concert hall, but I seldom noticed if there was an event because I was too busy. Now I get notified when that happens, I put a beer offer on the window, and I get a steady flow of customers in return: it works!

— Joe, Grocery Store Owner

Run more effective promotions

Know ahead of time when and how it's the best time to advertise or run promotions that capture the most customers.

Never miss a sale

Store Hero monitors what happens outside your store and tells you when it's the best time to keep your store open to maximize your sales.

A guru for your business

Store Hero chats with you to keep your motivation high and help you make a big impact on your business.

$0 setup, non-intrusive sensor

The only thing Store Hero needs is a sensor inside your store, plugged in an electricity plug and connected to a WiFi network: forget about technicians and IT people. We ship the sensor to your store as soon as you sign up, you plug it in and it will be you up and running in minutes.

Get relevant and timely notifications right away

Store Hero works for you even during closing time. You’ll receive instant notifications when he sees interesting trends in your nearby traffic. Beyond warning you about the change he will suggest you how to tackle the situation.

Chat with Store Hero and get business help

Wherever you are, when you want to get info about your business you can interact with your store hero as you would to any other person: he will do all the analyses that come along with getting insights out of raw data.

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$15 / month

Store Hero is a Measurence Inc. product
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